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The idea of reshaping a story

The media, at times, can have a biased opinion on a fact or information. This practice usually results in the "cancelation" of a person or business reputation. It is unfortunate, and unfair at times. 

While working for hedge fund in NYC I notice how simple mistakes can lead to a large pubic outcry. Not only can mistakes cause a problem, an unorganized response can make situations much worse. I saw this first hand. The company I worked for also dissolved because of this, but there was always a solution. 

In the early development of my career I noticed that by designing a well thought-out message and response to a crisis can help mitigate many issues. I also learned that many companies do not deserve pubic "cancelation" as developed by small mistakes. Often times, the issues are created by internal mistakes that can be fixed, or past transgressions that have re-emerged due to social media digging. These all can effect the negative perception of an individual or company. That is when I realized I could help mitigate those negative perceptions. My Public Relations career was born. 

Due to my unique experience have been able to create a system that has proven to work, see client reviews here. My vast experience, qualifications, and certifications, will help shape your story and help you reclaim your reputation. Find out more about my services here. I look forward to representing you and telling your story, the right way!


  • Certificate in Principles of Public Relations - PRSSA

  • Certificate in Communication, Advertising, and PR

  • Certificate in Content Strategy - UC Davis Online


  • Bachelors of Arts - Journalism - NYC (2007)

  • Masters of Arts - Strategic Communications - NU

  • 10+ Years in Journalism and Media Relations 

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